Katherine Moe
Painter and Print Maker

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Amazing work Mz. Moe!!
Cindy - 4 May 2016
Your cousins are looking at yoor website. Nice!
Cousins - 15 Mar 2016
Beautiful works of art! So much colour!
Christina - 12 Jan 2016
You are one talented lady! Love your work, especially the "Groovy" portfolio. Makes me think of my lovely batik quilting fabrics. So proud of you. I am discovering all these amazing artists I am proud to call my friends. Can't wait to see them up close! Keep that creative drive alive; we need this splash of color in our lives.
Cheryl Olson - 10 Oct 2015
Very Impressive! Now I want to see them in person!
Judy Wilson - 25 Sep 2015
Beautiful work, Katherine!
Ida Lou Schober - 7 Sep 2015
Great work, Katherine!
Heather Lang - 3 Sep 2015
Love it Katherine! Amazing. You're such an amazing woman! :) I never knew this side of you. So proud!
Carly Ford - 2 Sep 2015
It looks very nice, Katherine.
Eleanor Kreiser - 2 Sep 2015
I'm soooo proud of my amazingly talented friend! Well done! Very impressive!!
Charlain Shields - 2 Sep 2015
wow wow this is wonderful
Lucille PARTINGTON - 2 Sep 2015
Nicely done, Katherine. Your talent is amazing!
Peggy Hollingworth - 2 Sep 2015
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